The hidden treasure of the Trdenić winery

1937, 1995 and 2001 are important years for the Trdenić family. Wondering why? Great-grandfather Trdenić planted the first grapevine back in 1937. and thus determined the fate of his descendants. In 1995, they registered the first Škrlet in the Wine Institute, and in 2001 the story got a serious note – they opened a firm that today owns some of the finest and most awarded wines in Croatia.

Trdenić Winery has over 85,000 vines, has a capacity of 100,000 litres, spreads over fifteen hectares, so the question of “do they have a lot of work” here would be really insane and superfluous. We have convinced ourselves of one thing, and that is that today, just like in the past, all family members, from the oldest to the youngest, are involved in the process of creating this, for many, elixir of life.

The Moslavina vineyards abound in various types of grapes, so in the Trdenić wine list, you can find varieties such as Graševina, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon, Traminac … However, one is special. Indigenous variety, škrlet. Their greatest satisfaction is connected with its production – they love how people who try it for the first time react. Surprise, disbelief, delight, pleasure – in this order, they can read emotions from their faces. They can’t believe that such a wine exists in Croatia and that they have not had the opportunity to try it until then. However, this is not surprising when we know that škrlet with a total of 75 hectares of vineyards, is one of the rarest varieties in Croatia.

Vinarija Trdenić - škrlet

Trdenići intend to change such figures and are currently considering expanding the škrlet plantations, due to the preservation of this special Moslavina variety, but also due to market demand, because a good reputation is heard far and wide!

There is huge potential in škrlet, they say. It is a variety that has been researched to the smallest detail for the last 25 years, it is extremely grateful in cellaring, which encouraged them to experiment with it a bit. And the results are more than great. Whether they tried variants with ageing or turning into sparkling wine, škrlet proved to be an exceptional potential, and since it thrives in this form exclusively in Moslavina, the possibility of a larger region stealing it from them is almost non-existent.

In recent years, Moslavina winemakers have decided to draw the attention of wine lovers to this variety through joint cooperation. That they succeed in this plan is evidenced by the growing interest of wine connoisseurs, but also enthusiastic amateurs who increasingly choose the škrlet vineyards for their weekend destination.

Croatian Wine House is a project that should be realized in the near future and is designed as a space where winemakers will have the opportunity to present their wines, hold workshops, professional lectures related to winemaking and oenology, but also sommelier courses to educate new generations of caterers about matching food with wines.

So, lovers of young and fruity wine, you must not miss the tasting of this variety when visiting Moslavina!

You don’t have to go all the way to Moslavina to taste them. Wines from this wine list can be found in most wine shops in Croatia, from Zagreb to Split (Vrutak Zagreb, Vivat fine wines Zagreb, Vinoretum Zagreb, Grunt shop Zagreb, Bornstein Zagreb, Witrina Zagreb, Barrel Zadar, Wine box Split, Vinoteque Wine fly Podgora …).

Still, doesn’t a weekend in Moslavina sound tempting? Especially if you have this view after lunch:

Vinarija Trdenić

and you end the day in this ambience:

Vinarija Trdenić

Your palate, and your eyes, will be grateful to you.

If you haven’t believed us so far, you may will when we tell you that the wines of Trdenić winery have been awarded many times. In praemia veritas novo je in vino veritas!  (**praemia = prize)

We are used to reading about domestic awards for domestic products, but the quality of these is recognized internationally. Each award is special and no less important, but if the Trdenićs had to highlight some, it would be two bronzes and silver from the Decanter competition in London, gold from Interdrink in Moscow and bronze from the IWC in London.

To complete this great story, we went to a small matching school, so we share what we have learned:

Each wine is recommended for a specific occasion, and the recommendation from the Trdenić wine cellar is:

  • Choose Škrlet 2020, Rose 2020, Sparkling wine or Strawberry wine if you need refreshment from the sun and great heat. These wines are suitable for dishes of a lighter structure, such as white fish, carpaccio and other light appetizers, while Strawberry wine will go great with cold fruit desserts, but also as a base for refreshing cocktails.
  • Wines such as Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Škrlet private collection are food-friendly wines and will go well with a wide range of dishes, but with one food you should still avoid them, and that is red meat.
  • Wines such as Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon are intendent for red meat.
  • For those who enjoy a spicy kitchen, there is Traminac (Gewurtztraminer).

And in order to experience the fullness of their tastes, Mr Trdenić says that the best wine is the one that is drunk in good company.

Well, cheers!

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