Egg exports rose by 133 percent!

17. April 2019. VeeMee

Imports of eggs, from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, traditionally grow before Easter but record positive trends in exports and imports of table eggs.

We are in Holy Week, we will paint eggs on Saturday, and it is certain that many of the imported ones will be found among the locals. According to the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the import of eggs traditionally grows before Easter, but there are positive trends in the export and import of table eggs.

“Although the production of chicken eggs in Croatia in 2017 amounted to 654 million pieces, which is a decrease of about 9 million pieces (1.4 per cent) compared to 2016 when we produced 663 million, there are positive trends in exports and imports table eggs.

Imports of eggs grow before Easter

So last year we imported 90.5 million eggs worth 5 million euros which is a drop of 28 per cent compared to 2017 when we imported 94.8 million eggs worth 6.4 million euros. At the same time, our exports increased by almost 133 per cent, from 900,000 euros in 2017 (13.6 million eggs) to 2.1 million euros in 2018 (24.4 million eggs).

Since statistics traditionally show an increased import of eggs in the Easter month, we can expect the same in 2019. Namely, the increase in imports before Easter in the last few years has varied from 30 to 60 per cent. In March last year alone, we imported almost 6 million eggs, which is a significant increase compared to the first two months of 2018, when 7.4 million were imported, “the Croatian Chamber of Commerce said.

Poultry meat exports also increased

Egg exports

We remind you that the production of poultry and poultry meat in 2018 increased compared to 2017 by 2 per cent. The total production of chicken and turkey meat in 2018 reached an estimated amount of 85,500 tons, the Ministry of Agriculture announced

Is the production of poultry and poultry meat growing?

As they stated, the export of poultry meat also increased significantly, so in 2018 it amounted to 8,878 tons, which is an increase compared to the year before by 14.4 per cent. “In the same period, imports of poultry meat increased by 7 per cent and amounted to 20,806 tons. Production of day-old turkeys in 2018 increased by 4 per cent compared to the previous year, while production of day-old chickens during 2018 was at the level of 2017. In the period from 2012 to 2018, Croatia recorded a 9 per cent increase in production of day-old poultry.

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