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If you’ve ever had a cold, you know that tea with honey is one of the best things you can get into your body. Why is honey one of the basic natural preparations in folk and modern medicine?

Medicinal performances

The authors of numerous studies agree that honey has special therapeutic properties – with an emphasis on antibacterial – many of which are still being discovered thanks to its wide application:

– prevention of infections

– help the immune system to resist allergies

– strengthening nerves and helping with insomnia (especially acacia honey)

– help with coughs and respiratory diseases (especially sage honey)

– helps in recovery from serious illnesses

– reduces cholesterol levels by about 20% with daily consumption

– significantly improves blood count due to the content of small amounts of salt, iron, manganese, copper and cobalt

– has a special value as a natural alternative to cheap industrial sugar

The list is too long for this article, but we think that even these few properties will be enough to conclude that honey helps no matter what health problems you have – and, even better, it helps prevent if you are completely healthy! 🙂

Just make sure that the liquid in which you consume honey is not too hot because honey loses some of its healing properties at temperatures above 41 ° C!

Honey for weight loss

DO YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE EATING? - honey for weight loss

Another important property of honey is the slow breakdown of the unprocessed natural sugars found in it. Processed industrial sugar in the body causes a suddenly elevated level of insulin which (simply put) gives a signal to the body to utilize the ingested nutrients, leading to the storage of all the calories we ingest if we do not use the energy we ingest immediately. In other words: processed sugar contributes dangerously to weight gain!

The natural sugar in honey is slowly broken down and does not contribute to a sudden increase in insulin, which is a great weight loss aid for anyone who follows a balanced diet plan and loves a daily dose of sweets. 🙂

Choosing the right honey for us

With all this help to our body, what should we look for when choosing the honey we will consume?

Organic honey is very difficult to produce due to a whole range of problems for which chemicals are the fastest and cheapest solution; therefore the most important traceability is: who produced the honey and how?

Are bees found in untouched nature or do they collect honey from plants that have come in contact with pesticides?

Are bees fed honey or are processed sugars used in their diet for lower production costs?

Have natural preparations been used to treat and prevent bee diseases?

Is honey mixed with anything that takes away its natural properties?

You can find the answers to these and many other questions in the database on our website:

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Support for domestic producers is extremely important for the consumer because the profitability of production depends on how much consumers are educated and how willing they are to research what they eat. By popularizing domestic honey, you are also making your small contribution to solving the increasingly prominent problem of bee extinction on a global scale. Bees are miniature workers who land over 100,000 times a flower for one kilogram of honey, but they are also a very important factor in the ecosystem and pollination of the flora from which they bring us this precious liquid.


Do you think you know what you’re eating? Take a look at our database for reliable and proven manufacturers! 🙂

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