They raised sales to family farms by 50 percent

31. March 2020. Marko Kozjak

The digital market has 127 farmers from all over the country who supply everything – fruits, vegetables, milk and meat.

In the agricultural and commercial sector, the Zagreb company VeeMee stood out with the eponymous digital platform that allows consumers full transparency about the origin of products, in a few clicks by scanning the QR code, and contains the so-called. PID profile (Producer identity), which serves to standardize information about the producer and the crops he grows.

Encouraged by the events in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which closed markets, VeeMee developed a Digital Marketplace on its website to make it easier for customers to connect with food delivery farmers and distinguish them from those who do not or cannot provide this option. It currently has 127 manufacturers-suppliers.

“To make it easier and faster to use the VeeMee customer platform, contacts are categorized by counties and product types. Our goal in this time is to convey extremely important information quickly, transparently, accurately and free of charge “, explains Marko Kozjak, director and co-founder of the company.

They raised sales to family farms by 50 percent - VeeMee

They have more than 1300 PID profiles from manufacturers that cover a complete range of fresh products; from fruits, vegetables, the dairy industry to meat and seedlings.

VeeMee says Kozjak, records a growth of 15% of new farmers – part is related to the digital market, and part to the traceability of food. The number of new users of the platform has been growing in the last week.

“Farmers who have signed up for our platform tell us that their sales are continuous and that they are recording a growth of 50%. Our focus is on the complete range of offers of family farms “, Kozjak points out. The company started with a presentation of farmers in 2017 when they pointed out the problems and the need for agricultural growth and sustainability, and the director says that although tourism should not be neglected, it should also invest in the food sector.

At VeeMee, they are happy to connect manufacturers and customers. “We are working on increasing the user base and new functionalities that should further help and connect them and help strengthen and sustainability of Croatian agriculture,” concludes Kozjak.

Author: Lucija Špiljak


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