DODLEK-AGRO potatoes can be prepared in a small million ways

4. September 2020. VeeMee

Today we will go back over 200 years, to the end of the 18th century when our story begins. In fact, the story that began exclusively out of personal need, and in which the main helpers were horses, ploughs and carriages today is adorned with the epithets of the largest producer of mercantile potatoes in Croatia, the largest buyer of potatoes and the largest seller in Croatia. Still, let’s go back to the beginning that gives this story a special charm

Agriculture has been feeding members of the Dodlek family since the late 18th century. This is how the story was begun by Dodlek Andrija, the grandson of Mr Franjo Dodlek, who in 1961 after his grandfather lost his ability to work and at the age of 13, decided to take matters into his own hands and raise them to a “higher level”. At that time, Franjo had horses, a plough and a carriage at his disposal, and in 1966, strong and hard-working hands led him to the first tractor. And not an ordinary tractor, but – hey! – the first in the village! In 1976, he recalls, the first Sprint potato harvester arrived. The business grew, the years passed, and Mr Franjo retired and became the main advisor to his son Mirjan and grandchildren Karl and Andrija, who inherited the love for the field from him for sure. Or has that love been woven into their palms since ancient times? Judge for yourself J

Logistics is the key to any success, so every morning when the sun rises, members of the Dodlek family farm distribute daily tasks over morning coffee.

Everyone knows what to do, and working hours end only when the job is done. The Dodlek family manages the family farm that bears their name, but also the company DODLEK-AGRO, which, in addition to 8 employees in the family farm, has another 40 employees. The two agronomists are taken care of how all segments of production “From farm to table” would work, and we believe that the youngest grandson Dino will join them in a few years since he enrolled in high school in agronomy.

DODLEK-AGRO has developed cooperation with 40 family farms with which it produces 17,000 tons of potatoes, 2,000 tons of onions and 150 tons of celery. You will find onions in packages of 10 kg and 5 kg, small packages of 1 kg or in “train” packages of 4 pieces. Celery is packed in mesh bags of 5kg and 10kg.

DODLEK-AGRO potatoes

However, potato production has become a tradition of this family farm, so the main focus is on it.

“Eggs, the whole world knows, can be prepared in a million ways;  in soul, baked or raw .. “. This is how Oliver and Boris (Croatian singers) sang Nadalina’s eggs, and so we can also sing about potatoes in the assortment of the Dodlek family farm. Namely, they divided potato production according to culinary types/purposes. So: “the whole world knows that potatoes can be prepared in a small million ways: for salad,  like gnocchi, mashed potatoes … Whether they are grated, baked or fried, they can be prepared with all possible ingredients.”

Potatoes for baking and frying, for cooking and salad, can be found in a package of 2.5 kg with the possibility of packaging of 2 kg and 3 kg. All other varieties, which belong to the standard culinary types, are offered in packages of 1.5 kg, and as a substitute for bulk sales, they also offer potatoes packed in bags of 5 kg and 10 kg.

Dalmatians can therefore find Dodlek “potatoes”, as well as other products from the assortment, in all Tommy markets, while the rest of the Croats (together with Dalmatians) can find them in all Konzum stores. VeeMee, which has created a QR code for the listed products, guarantees that you buy local and high-quality products. Because the main goal of the Dodlek family, but also of us, is a transparent company and the promotion of domestic products.

The coronavirus pandemic has messed up their plans for 2020, we believe, as have to all other producers and buyers of fresh fruits and vegetables. The potato market in Europe is very saturated, which is why they will be forced to sell their products at very low prices. The rainy year also destroyed a large percentage of their crops. From this we confirm Croatian saying: in addition to maritime, agricultural activities bring to people bread with seven crusts. There are many challenges that this family faces in production, but just as the mother forgets all the birth pangs after meeting the baby, so they forget their troubles when they see people in the store smiling and buying their products, giving positive comments. Messages of support on social networks are additional, they say, satisfaction, and there are more and more of them.

That is why we encourage you to include potatoes of the Dodlek family on the list for the next purchase, and once you try to “prepare them in a million ways”, you will not resist praising them on social networks. It means a lot to them because at the end of the day, it is you who motivate them to constantly increase the product quality!

Judging by that, their goal of creating a recognizable brand for the production and packaging of potatoes on the European Union market is not far away, because hard work and effort always pay off!

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