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30. September 2021. Nikola Vido

Members of the Tržić family get up at half-past five every morning. When a day full of obligations is short, and the desire to make customers happy is stronger than the desire to sleep, then there is no other way. In the following lines, we will tell you the story of the family farm Anini sirevi which will warm up your heart

OPG Anini sirevi

Do you know those families where milk is consumed as water? Milk to start the day, milk after lunch, milk for better sleep. Well, the Tržić family was just such a family. Let’s not lie, even today they are like that, only milk and dairy products are not bought more from domestic producers, but they themselves have become one of them. Maybe one of the best. Their cheeses and curds are talked about all over the country, but the good reputation did not arrive overnight.

A lot of effort, sleepless nights, but also love has been woven into this business for the past 11 years.

The story of the family farm Anini sirevi began in 2010.

The love for dairy products and large amounts of consuming them led to only one thing – buying the first cow. As one cow, believe it or not, was still too much for their needs, Tržići started selling milk and dairy products on the doorstep, to neighbours and acquaintances. The good word began to spread, one cow became insufficient, so they bought another, third, fourth. Today, on a weekly basis, their herd produces up to 2000L of milk.

The members of this team have not changed from the very beginning. This became a family business, so mom Ankica and dad Ivan, together with their sons, carry everything on their backs. However, the burden has (fortunately) become too heavy, so soon the first member outside the family will join their team.

We don’t doubt that he will soon feel like a family because this is not an ordinary family. It is a family that, in addition to its own needs, also looks after others needs. In addition to their own, they also look at other people’s well-being, because they know that selfless help gives them a peaceful dream.

Why do we say that?

At the address, Maksimirska 15 in Zagreb, on the shelves of the Tržićka store, fresh cheese with cream, boiled or smoked cheeses enriched with various spices (chives, dill, bear’s onion, sage, paprika…), škripavac, cow’s curd, hard cheeses, kefir and yoghurts are waiting for you. For dessert, try to choose only one of the flavours of fruit yoghurt from their rich assortment – strawberry, apricot, cherry/chocolate, raspberry, blueberry, forest fruit, vanilla. Try to select only one. 🙂

Not only do they have an assortment full of their own products, but they have also enriched it with the products of about 30 other farmers who come from the area affected by the earthquake.

Hardworking hands helped each other, the kindness multiplied, and the people of Zagreb received a new offer with top-quality domestic products.

In addition to Maksimirska 15, you can find the products of Anini sirevi in „Vuglec delikatese“ on Markuševac, the fruit shop „Šareni svijet“ on Maksimir (Maksimirska cesta 52a) and in the „Zelena kuća“ on Vrbik (Lavoslava Ružičke 52).

OPG Anini sirevi

We would love for this story to end here, but as in any other, there are problems in this one as well. The increase in the price of materials and raw materials for production is not easy for them. Many renovations on family farms have been necessary, and the state is deaf to their needs, as well as the needs of others affected by the quake – except when the media needs to come out with a warm story about post-quake reconstruction.

Fortunately, that did not discourage them. They continue to build a reputation as one of the most sought-after dairy producers in Croatia. Many pizzerias and the most famous Croatian chefs use their products in the kitchen, and you can find their curd during the summer season in numerous marinas, but also on many yachts.

OPG Anini sirevi

The promotion of their products, they point out, is greatly helped by the VeeMee QR code, which they put on vans at the beginning of 2021: “On many occasions, we have witnessed how much the QR code on vans has contributed to spreading information about our family farm”.

The award for their work arrived in 2020 when they won a gold medal at the SirCro cow cheese festival and a silver medal with fresh cheese and cream.

However, comments such as “we have never tried better cow curd”, which come from satisfied customers, are dearer to them than any gold or silver medal, because happy customers are their driving force.

Why everyone is crazy about their products, I am very interested now, because if someone asked me “what food would I choose if I had to eat it alone for the rest of my life”, it would be, without thinking, cheese. Soft, ripe, cooked, fresh, “smelly”, fragrant, with or without holes, cheese is my greatest love and driving force.

After this article, I am sure that my destination tomorrow is Maksimirska 15.

And yours?

Until the next reading,

Your VeeMee advisor

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