OPG Vladimir Šinko

We have been engaged in organic vegetable production since 2005.
Residence A.B. Šimića 19,
Cultivated land 2.5 Ha

OPG Ružić

We have been producing blueberries, hazelnuts and aronia since 2012 without use of any machinery.
Residence Ruđera Boškovića 32,
Cultivated land 4.15 Ha

OPG Ivica Peras

The Peras Ivica family farm produces hazelnuts and nuts.
Residence Martijanec Varaždinska 9,
Donji Martijanec
Cultivated land 3 Ha

OPG Levak

We produce fruit brandy from our own fruit.
Residence Križovljan 13, Ludbreg,
Cultivated land 2 Ha

OPG Hižak

We make homegrown strawberries, rucola and blueberries.
Residence Sigetec Ludbreški, Sajmišna 7,
Sigetec Ludbreški
Cultivated land 2.85 Ha

OPG Dragutin Najman

OPG Najman is engaged in grape production and grape processing into wine.
Residence Martinkovec 119,
Varaždinske toplice
Cultivated land 2.5 Ha

PG Marijo Prugovecki

OPG Marijo Prugovečki produces natural and real organic honey and bee products: propolis, pollen, royal jelly and others.
Residence Šumećani,
Ivanic grad

OPG Krešimir Skender

Family farm Skender Kresimir, is located on the banks of St. John Zelina, where seven years ago, 1500 aronia seedlings were planted.
Residence Munđakova 1,
Sveti Ivan Zelina
Cultivated land 0.6 Ha

PG Malina Oršić

Our farm extends to approximately 6 ha on which berries are planted (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries and currants). We work with a couple of very high quality co-operators, our seriousness is also evident in having a Global Gap certification.
Residence Orešje, Nikole Tesle 2,
Cultivated land 6 Ha

OPG Perković

OPG Perković produces mild, spicy and hunting sauce from Samobor. Homemade only! :)
Residence I. Veroneka 24,
Cultivated land 0.6 Ha
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