OPG Krtić Vladimir

Fruit and vegetable growing and farming
Residence Ulica Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 262,
Cultivated land 3 Ha

OPG Francetić Antun

Growing and collecting medicinal herbs and spices
Residence Vinogradska ulica 110,
Kloštar Ivanić


Organic cultivation of chokeberry and wild pomegranate
Residence Ulica kralja Tomislava 38,
Cultivated land 1.52 Ha

OPG Mario Papec

Cultivation of vegetables and cereals
Residence Ulica Stjepana Radića 78,
Cultivated land 6.64 Ha


Production of eco blackberries and processing from blackberries
Residence Sovine 11,
Barbarići Kravarski
Cultivated land 0.7 Ha

OPG Dunaj

Viticulture and wine production
Residence Podgora Krapinska 37,
Cultivated land 0.3 Ha

Poljoprivredno gospodarstvo Šincek

Livestock and production and sale of cereals, pumpkin seeds and grapes
Residence Varaždinska ulica 60,
Gornje Vratno
Cultivated land 38 Ha
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