OPG Štenta

Production of honey, chokeberry products, juices, jams, syrups, flours and natural cosmetics
Residence Ferenci 24,
Cultivated land 7 Ha

OPG Mikulić

Production of natural juices with 100% share of fruit and vegetables
Residence Braće Perković 81,
Ilova (Kutina)
Cultivated land 1 Ha

OPG Naglić Ivica

Growing and processing of fruit
Residence Kompator 34,
Velika Ludina
Cultivated land 5.5 Ha

OPG Lazar Goran

Cultivation of apples, pears and sweet potatoes
Residence Vinica breg 83,
Vinica Breg
Cultivated land 6.5 Ha

EKO SUCUS d.o.o.

Organic cultivation and processing of fruit
Residence Povrtlarska ulica 18,
Hrvatski Leskovac
Cultivated land 3.09 Ha

OPG Hunjadi Dean

Biodynamic and ecological production
Residence Glavna ulica 93,
Sveta Marija
Cultivated land 5.3 Ha


Organic growing of mixed fruits and processing of fruits into pasteurized mother juices and fruit wines
Residence Kolodvorska 61,
Cultivated land 0.83 Ha

OPG Šimović Petra

Production of homemade tangerine, orange and apple juice
Residence Zagrebačka 13,

OPG Ivanković

Production of hazelnuts, legumes, orange sweet potatoes and natural pure juices
Residence Martinska Ves 124,
Martinska Ves
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