OPG Marko Vuljanković

Production and sale of vegetables, fruits and seedlings
Residence Cerje 20, Vrbovec,
Cultivated land 17 Ha

OPG Josipa Jandrlić

Farming, vegetable growing and growing calves, pigs, corn, barley, oats, vegetables and triticale - cereals
Residence Cerovnik,
Cultivated land 60 Ha

OPG Tenagra

Cultivation of vegetables
Residence Andrije Hebranga 36/A,
Cultivated land 16 Ha

OPG Okus Bilogore

Production and processing of seasonal fruits and vegetables
Residence Botinac 56,

OPG Harači

Production of corn, wheat, rye, rapeseed, buckwheat, beans and pumpkin
Residence Ulica Močile 67,

OPG Perečinec Đurđica

Production of home-grown potatoes, beans, onions, garlic and chicken eggs
Residence Perečinci 1,
Donje Podotočje

OPG Šegina

Production and sale of seasonal fruits and vegetables, teas, herbs and planting material
Residence Karlovačka cesta 100,

OPG Pavlas

Cultivation of vegetables
Residence Cugovec 125,

Dobro distribucija

Cultivation and production of vegetables
Residence Lipovec Lonjski 15,
Kloštar Ivanić

OPG Cafuk Vid

Homemade cereals and vegetables
Residence Domitrovec glavna 91 a,
Cultivated land 6 Ha
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