OPG Kvež

Production and sale of domestic dried meat products and pumpkin oil
Residence Sekirišće 78,
Sveti Križ Začretje
Cultivated land 8 Ha

OPG Ivančić

Production of eco juice from chokeberry and pumpkin seed oil
Residence Zagrebačka 37,
Cultivated land 11 Ha

OPG Miroslav Vuković

Pumpkin cultivation and pumpkin oil production
Residence Ivana Ribara 21,
Cultivated land 2 Ha

OPG ValVida

Organic cultivation of chamomile and peppermint, farming and animal husbandry
Residence Tavani br.19,
Cultivated land 40 Ha

OPG Barišić

Production of vegetables and fruits and their processing, as well as livestock, ie sheep and beekeeping
Residence Unska ulica 7,
Hrvatska Kostajnica
Cultivated land 9 Ha

OPG Milaković

Pumpkin cultivation and pumpkin seed oil production
Residence Mala Gorica 93,
Cultivated land 12 Ha

OPG Lazar Goran

Cultivation of apples, pears and sweet potatoes
Residence Vinica breg 83,
Vinica Breg
Cultivated land 6.5 Ha

OPG Filip Bencek

Cultivation of vegetables outdoors
Residence Žarovnica 34B,
Cultivated land 6.3 Ha

OPG Biškup Miroslav

Production of tick seeds and their processing into premium pumpkin oil
Residence Varaždinska ulica 127,
Cultivated land 3.07 Ha

OPG Damir Mesarić

Growing of vegetables and cereals and production of pumpkin oil and seeds
Residence Ulica kralja Tomislava 1A,
Cultivated land 44 Ha
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