OPG Cafuk Vid

Homemade cereals and vegetables
Residence Domitrovec glavna 91 a,
Cultivated land 6 Ha

OPG Čabrajec

Cultivation of fruits and vegetables
Residence Velikogorička ulica 34,
Cultivated land 0.2 Ha

OPG Ivica Blaži

Vegetables, crops and seedlings production
Residence Noviška 2,
Cultivated land 12 Ha

PPP Jurica Cafuk

Vegetables and seedlings production
Residence Glavna 27,
Cultivated land 120 Ha

Vrtlarija Valenta OPG Dario Valenta

Production and sale of rose seedlings, vegetable seedlings, cut flowers in the greenhouse and outdoors (kala and roses), balcony flowers, landscaping, and production of land for flowers
Residence Vukomerečka cesta 26,

OPG Anto Jurić

Seedlings of vegetables and herbs
Residence Kosnička 47,
Velika Gorica
Cultivated land 0.72 Ha
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