OPG Štenta

Production of honey, chokeberry products, juices, jams, syrups, flours and natural cosmetics
Residence Ferenci 24,
Cultivated land 7 Ha

OPG Francetić Antun

Growing and collecting medicinal herbs and spices
Residence Vinogradska ulica 110,
Kloštar Ivanić

OPG Darinka Krnčević

Production and processing of fruits and vegetables
Residence Bruna Bušića 2,
Cultivated land 2.5 Ha

OPG Miljenko Šimunović

Traditional production of herbal medicinal preparations
Residence Beliceva 16, Ivanić Grad,
Ivanić Grad

OPG Družijanić

Collecting and processing of wild herbs and production of cosmetics based on macerates, healthy food, teas and spices
Residence Oštri Vrh 95,
Staro Petrovo Selo

OPG Tomislav Krepenc

Cultivation and processing of chokeberry (aronia)
Residence Ivana Mažuranića,
Ravna Gora
Cultivated land 0.7 Ha

OPG Čargonja

Production of lavender products
Residence Ul. dr. Zdravka Kučića 29,

OPG Kunović

Local products
Residence Martinšćina 19,
Cultivated land 1.59 Ha
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