OPG Peremin

Cultivation of fruits and honey
Residence Krč 64,
Novi Marof
Cultivated land 1.5 Ha

OPG Filipović – Opuzen

OPG za voćarstvo / maslinarstvo / povrćarstvo / pčelarstvo / prerada / usluge u poljoprivredi
Residence Zrinsko-Frankopanska 21 ,
Cultivated land 2 Ha

OPG Tomac Tomo

Tomac & Bajda Good Wine House
Residence Ante i Davida Starčevića 31,
Cultivated land 2.47 Ha

Mitrosilis S.A.

The ob­jec­tive of Mitrosilis S.A. is to pack­age fruits that meet the ex­pec­ta­tions of cus­tomers and con­sumers, as well as le­gal and statu­tory re­quire­ments with re­gard to qual­ity, va­ri­ety, taste, food safety and hy­giene.
Residence 5, Age­lena Str,
An­ifi Naf­plio

OPG Levak

We are engaged in the production of fruit spirits from our own fruit.
Residence Križovljan 13, Ludbreg,
Cultivated land 2 Ha


Fresh fruit since 1965
Residence Velo Korinth
Cultivated land 141.1 Ha

OPG Veić Nataša

Fruit and vegetables growing
Residence Vulišinec 14,
Cultivated land 3.5 Ha

Ekološko OPG Rosipal

Production of root vegetables, pumpkin, cereals, hemp
Residence Deževci 44,
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