OPG Filipović – Opuzen

OPG za voćarstvo / maslinarstvo / povrćarstvo / pčelarstvo / prerada / usluge u poljoprivredi
Residence Zrinsko-Frankopanska 21 ,
Cultivated land 2 Ha

OPG Hižak

We produce strawberries, ricoll and blueberries.
Residence Sigetec Ludbreški, Sajmišna 7,
Sigetec Ludbreški
Cultivated land 2.85 Ha

PG Malina Oršić

Our farm extends to approximately 6 ha on which berries are planted (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries and currants). We work with a couple of very high quality contractors, and our seriousness is reflected in the fact that we have Global Gap certification.
Residence Orešje, Nikole Tesle 2,
Cultivated land 6 Ha


Fresh fruit since 1965
Residence Velo Korinth
Cultivated land 141.1 Ha

OPG Štenta

Residence Ferenci 24,
Cultivated land 8 Ha

Veterans Cooperative Bazine

Growing and selling fruits and vegetables in own and cooperative production.
Residence Hrvatskih branitelja 153,
Stari Slatinik
Cultivated land 2.09 Ha

OPG Čuljak

Fruit and vegetable production
Residence Hrvatskih branitelja 153,
Stari Slatnik
Cultivated land 3.97 Ha

OPG Lovinčić

Strawberries and other fruit growing
Residence Hrvatskih branitelja 197,
Stari Slatnik
Cultivated land 3.93 Ha

OPG Marjanović

Cultivation and processing of fruits and vegetables
Residence Črnkovec 44,
Velika Gorica
Cultivated land 10 Ha
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