Global Berry S.L

Distribution of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and redcurrant
Residence Avda. Ernest Lluch 32 TCM 2 Planta 5ª Of. Nº 11-14,
Mataró (Barcelona)

OPG Štenta

Production of honey, chokeberry products, juices, jams, syrups, flours and natural cosmetics
Residence Ferenci 24,
Cultivated land 7 Ha


Production of strawberries, fresh vegetables and winter vegetables
Residence Dubravačka cesta 20,
Donja Stubica
Cultivated land 2 Ha

OPG Jankovečki

Retail production of fruits and vegetables
Residence Zagrebačka 29a,
Cultivated land 1.3 Ha

OPG Naglić Ivica

Growing and processing of fruit
Residence Kompator 34,
Velika Ludina
Cultivated land 5.5 Ha

OPG Kovačić Darko

Production of apples and strawberries
Residence Sv. Mihaela 21,
Velika Ludina
Cultivated land 3.5 Ha

OPG Ciban Vlado

Cultivation of fresh and first-class fruits and vegetables
Residence Ulica Ilije Gregorića 4,
Cultivated land 0.95 Ha

OPG Marina Pavlić

Cultivation of watermelon, melon, cherry, peach, grape, pepper, tomato, strawberry, olive oil and chrysanthemum
Residence Put vrila 19,

OPG Giorgio Jurić

Production of fruits and vegetables
Residence Prilaz Baruna Filipovića 1,
Cultivated land 5 Ha

OPG Okus Bilogore

Production and processing of seasonal fruits and vegetables
Residence Botinac 56,
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