PZ Varaždinsko povrće

Our core business is the production and wholesale of fruit.
Residence Trg Sv. Vida 9,
Cultivated land 450 Ha

OPG Vladimir Šinko

We have been organically growing vegetables since 2005. Year.
Residence A.B. Šimića 19,
Cultivated land 2.52 Ha

PG Grunt

Vegetables production
Residence Imbriovec Jalžabetski 5,
Imbriovec Jalžabetski
Cultivated land 22 Ha

OPG Bakonji Monika

Vegetables cultivation
Residence Galici 3,
Strmec Samoborski
Cultivated land 15 Ha

OPG Ivica Žepina

Vegetable cultivation
Residence Jagodnja Donja 55A,
Cultivated land 10 Ha

OPG Marko Bedeković

Vegetable cultivation
Residence Veliki Bedekovići 17, Mičevac,
Velika Gorica
Cultivated land 1.5 Ha

Stoicev d.o.o.

Vegetables growing and packaking
Residence Kuševačka 48,
Cultivated land 20 Ha
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