OPG Tenagra

Cultivation of vegetables
Residence Andrije Hebranga 36/A,
Cultivated land 16 Ha

OPG Kraut

Production and sale of sauerkraut and production of potatoes
Residence Put Garaca 3,
Donji Proložac

OPG Šegina

Production and sale of seasonal fruits and vegetables, teas, herbs and planting material
Residence Karlovačka cesta 100,

OPG Ivanić Alen

Fruit and vegetable production
Residence Stjepana Radića 65,
Cultivated land 25 Ha

OPG Dražen Đurđek

Cultivation of potatoes, cabbage, onions and cereals
Residence Varaždinska 68,

OPG Čornok

Production of seasonal vegetables in greenhouses
Residence Kralja P. Krešimira IV 89,

Krešimir Čabrajec

Cultivation of seasonal vegetables
Residence Velikogorička ulica 34,

Dobro distribucija

Cultivation and production of vegetables
Residence Lipovec Lonjski 15,
Kloštar Ivanić

OPG Farc Stjepan

Growing vegetables and cereals
Residence Greda 155,
Cultivated land 12 Ha
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