OPG Ivić Hrvoje

Production of cereals and oilseeds, livestock production and production of dried meat products
Residence Ulica Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 5,
Cultivated land 30 Ha

OPG Ivica Gregorović

Breeding of sows and production of barley and corn
Residence Nozice 106,
Babina Greda
Cultivated land 4 Ha

OPG Sabljak

Pig breeding and pork processing in the traditional way
Residence Školska ulica 36,


Production of permanent smoked meat products in the Slavonian traditional way
Residence Veliki kraj 3,

OPG Duško Jović

Production of meat and dried meat products
Residence Mali Gradac 102,
Cultivated land 15 Ha

OPG Jović Dušanka

Agriculture and pig farming
Residence Mali Gradac 94,
Cultivated land 2.29 Ha

OPG Miroslava Jović

Agriculture and production of young goat meat, veal and beef
Residence Brezovo Polje 58,
Cultivated land 7 Ha

OPG Ivaniš

Cultivation of cereals and livestock
Residence Novoselska 163,
Cultivated land 8 Ha

OPG Horžić Ivica

Production and sale of meat and eggs
Residence Ulica Vladimira Nazora 26,
Cultivated land 3 Ha

OPG Vladimir Vujčić

Breeding lambs in the ecosystem
Residence Velika Graduša 63,
Cultivated land 17 Ha
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