OPG Hrvoić

Mushroom extracts
Residence Visoko 37,

OPG Jagunič Tomislav

OPG with the possibility of delivery
Residence Miševečka 17,
Cultivated land 0.3 Ha

Fungus Panonia

Mushroom growing
Residence Janjevci 19,
Donji Miholjac
Cultivated land 0.15 Ha

OPG Štenta

Residence Ferenci 24,
Cultivated land 8 Ha

OPG Ivica Domović

Mushroom cultivation
Residence Samoborska cesta 74,
Rakov Potok
Cultivated land 0.14 Ha

OPG Marjanović

Cultivation and processing of fruits and vegetables
Residence Črnkovec 44,
Velika Gorica
Cultivated land 10 Ha
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