OPG Marko Vuljanković

Production and sale of vegetables, fruits and seedlings
Residence Cerje 20, Vrbovec,
Cultivated land 17 Ha

OPG Tufeković Elizabeta

Cultivation of watermelons, melons, cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, nectarines, pears, apples, grapes and peppers and tomatoes
Residence Petefi Šandora 123,

OPG Petko

Organic production of apples and homemade apple cider vinegar
Residence Miroslava Krleže 6,

OPG Robert Čondić

Agricultural activities (fruit and vegetable harvesting, harvesting, etc.) and implementation of programs of creative and educational workshops related to agriculture, educational workshops for children, organized field classes and organization of family celebrations and birthdays
Residence Kadanovci bb,
Cultivated land 25 Ha

OPG Agro Babić

Production of fruits and fruit seedlings
Residence Godinjak 16C,
Staro Petrovo Selo

OPG Giorgio Jurić

Production of fruits and vegetables
Residence Prilaz Baruna Filipovića 1,
Cultivated land 5 Ha

OPG Tatjana Hažić

Viticulture and production of wine and apple
Residence Jurovčak 72,
Sveti Martin na Muri
Cultivated land 7.49 Ha

OPG Šarić

Organic cultivation of chokeberry (aronia)
Residence Stjepana Radića 137,

OPG Starčević

Animal husbandry and cultivation of berries
Residence Banovina 59,

OPG Okus Bilogore

Production and processing of seasonal fruits and vegetables
Residence Botinac 56,
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