OPG Mislović

Growing crops and pumpkins
Residence Varaždinska 74,
Gornje Vratno
Cultivated land 55 Ha

OPG Neven Tomiek

Aronia and pumpkin products
Residence Kalnička 81,
Cultivated land 1.07 Ha

OPG Tomac Tomo

Tomac & Bajda Good Wine House
Residence Ante i Davida Starčevića 31,
Cultivated land 2.47 Ha

OPG Željko Šilc

Rapeseed Oil
Residence Luka Ludbreška 30,
Sveti Đurđ
Cultivated land 65 Ha

OPG Posavec Marijan

Domestic production of potatoes, cabbage, corn and pumpkin
Residence Plitvička 8,
Cultivated land 16 Ha

OPG Anđelko Kupčić

Member of the Varaždin Vegetable Community since 2013.
Residence Šijanec,
Kralja Bele IV
Cultivated land 50 Ha

OPG Štorga

Producer of pumpkin and cereal
Residence Presečno 182a,
Cultivated land 3.20 Ha

OPG Stjepan Blaži

Producer of potato and cabbage
Residence Nedeljanec
Cultivated land 30 Ha

OPG Fabijan Kolačko

We grow potatoes, onions, cabbages and wheat
Residence Varaždinska 43,
Cultivated land 40 Ha

PZ Varaždinsko povrće

Our core business is the production and wholesale of fruit.
Residence Trg Sv. Vida 9,
Cultivated land 450 Ha
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