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Anini Sirevi

Milk processing, production of cheeses and dairy products

About us

About us

Seven years ago, the story of the family farm Tržić started, where parents Ivan and Ankica tried to produce cheese out of curiosity and surplus raw materials, milk, and they had no idea that this idea would give birth to a serious family business and where to start creating a tradition that we hope to stick to for years. Banovina, where untouched nature, clean air, spring water and grazing rich in mountain plants is the place where grazing and residence of dairy cows of our family farm.

Through the brand Ana’s cheeses, the name comes from the name of the owner of the family farm Ankica, who also started the whole story, we offer several types of homemade cheeses with different flavours that we produce on our family farm. The cheeses are produced the way our ancestors once produced them without artificial flavours and preservatives from fresh, daily milk. We can boast of numerous medals from cheese competitions with great competition.

Now, as in the beginning, parents, Ivan and Ankica are engaged in the business, and subsequently, the sons Josip, Šimun and Stijepan joined in, each of whom contributes in his own way to the functioning of the family farm as such.

For now, apart from several customers (individuals), we cooperate with the health food store in the upper town (Gračani), and we are in negotiations with other similar stores, and our goal certainly is to open our store one day and thus market all products!

The house’s speciality is cow’s curd, which is produced through a special recipe and adorns the menus of reputable and renowned Croatian restaurants through some appetizers and desserts.

It is certainly important to emphasize that the family “Ana’s cheeses” at the last national competition SirCro held in Zagreb in early November 2020 won a gold medal in the category for cow’s curd and silver in the category of fresh cheese and cream.


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