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Autohton Croatian sweets

About us

About us

We started producing Croatian autochthonous sweets more than ten years ago. We have developed into a company that takes care of the quality and uniqueness of its products and ingredients woven into them. Each product is handmade and a lot of love and dedication has been invested in its production, which is why you cannot find them in shopping malls, but only in selected delicacy and souvenir shops.

We are proud of our long tradition in creating exclusive traditional products and we are grateful to our long-term customers and partners for their trust. We are sure that you will recognize a top brand in our products and find inspiration for a unique and carefully selected gift to dear people or business partners.

You can find Grandma’s gifts in esteemed wine shops, selected delicacy and souvenir shops throughout Croatia and airports.

Product and additional info

Grandma’s kisses – pralines made of dried Dalmatian figs, raisins and prunes, paired with pieces of walnuts and roasted almonds. Net weight 90g, shelf life 120 days

Mandolics – unique pralines made from apples, sugar, almonds and lemon juice. Net weight 100g, shelf life 120 days

Chocolate mandolins – pralines made of apples, sugar and dark chocolate, enriched with pieces of almonds and lemon juice. Net weight 100g, shelf life 120 days

Nonice – pralines made from dried Dalmatian figs, roasted almonds and dark chocolate, flavored with orange juice and rum. Net weight 120g, shelf life 120 days

Episcopal fig – a traditional Dalmatian delicacy of dried figs and raisins, walnuts, brandy and dark chocolate. Net weight 200g, shelf life 180 days

Croatian dry cake with pepper – crispy biscuits made of walnuts, honey, pepper, cinnamon and cloves. Net weight 80g or 170g, shelf life 180 days

Carob Biscuit – crispy Mediterranean carob biscuits, topped with honey, walnuts and cinnamon. Net weight 80g or 170g, shelf life 180 days

Biscuit with cheese and olive oil – salty biscuits made of grated cheese and olive oil, sesame and oregano. Net weight 80g or 170g, shelf life 180 days

Sugar almonds – roasted almonds enriched with sugar crystals, vanilla and cinnamon. Net weight 100g, shelf life 180 days

Salted almonds – roasted almonds with salt and pepper, are an ideal snack with beer, wine or cheese. Net weight 100g, shelf life 180 days

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