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Veterans Cooperative Bazine

Growing and selling fruits and vegetables in own and cooperative production.

About us

About us

The main activity of Veterans Cooperative Bazine is production and sale of fruit and vegetables in their own and cooperative production.

The main culture in the production are strawberries and cucumbers that are produced on the Cooperative (2ha) and cooperative members (5ha) surface. The main objective of the Cooperative is to facilitate the production and sale and to successfully develop and improve the performance of its counterparts. The aforementioned surfaces and quantities are only in the production of co-operatives while together with cooperatives and their OPGs this amount is much higher.


Notable clients:

Fragaria d.o.o

Agrofructus grupa

ZKM Zadar

TL Plodine


Stjema d.o.o.

Brod-Posavina County

Hrvatskih branitelja 153,
Stari Slatinik 35253
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NUMBER OF Ha: 2,09


Owner: Tomislav Lovinčić (administrator)


"The cooperative wants to facilitate production and sales, and successfully develop and improve the performance of its counterparts."
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