Owner: Krešimir Vrdoljak

KV Logistika

Transportation - international road transport of goods

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location of the residence Ježdovečka ,
Lučko 10250
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M +385912203997 (Krešo)
T +38516525162
E kreso.kvlogistika@gmail.com
M +385951979819 (Dean)
E dean.kvlogistika@gmail.com
About us

Transport company for the transport of goods under the temperature regime.

We have a total of 25 employees and offer LTL and FTL transport services in the EU countries. In additional we have service – storage of goods, cleaning and servicing vehicles.

Our specialty is everyday transport in the Benelux countries.


Cooperation with the following companies:

Jupiter Group
The Greeenery

and other EU companies.

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