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OPG Anđelić Zvonko

Processing of fruit into homemade jams and marmalades according to the Srijem recipe

About us

About us

OPG Anđelić Zvonko Anđelić is a small farm that processes fruit into homemade jams according to the Srijem recipe, as well as jams.

We started cooking jams primarily by my wife following the recipe of my grandmother Juliana and later we added our own jams when we were sure we could do that too. (Maybe open our website www.opg-andjelic.hr).

Our jams and preserves are healthy without an excessive amount of additives and even a minimal amount of sugar, and we always allow customers to let us know what they would like to add or change. We are open to suggestions and changes.

Contact us

You can contact us on our website www.opg-andjelic.hr or on the Facebook page OPG Anđelić, as well as on Instagram Opg_andjelic.zvonko87.

Ecological certification


We have a certificate for ECO fruit.

We cooperate with the store Natural d.o.o Solin and with Upcaffe Split. Our most loyal customers are customers from all over Croatia from Vukovar to Dubrovnik.

Fairs: Krk, Tovarnik, Drenovci

Awards won: in Tovarnik 2, in Drenovci gold, silver, bronze for various products; jams, jams


Ulica Hrvatskih dragovoljaca 26,
Tovarnik 32249
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NUMBER OF Ha: 0,82


Owner: Zvonko Anđelić
MIPBG: : OPG Anđelić Zvonko Anđelić




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Vukovar-Syrmia County

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To know what is healthy try our jams and marmalades; Plums are a popular fruit of exceptional taste depending on the type and have medicinal properties, they are a source of vitamins C, K, EB6, folic acid, niacin multiple roles of vitamin C, strong antioxidant effect, and we try to pour jam and jam from our plums and fruits. in the best possible quality without a lot of additives, and we are one of the few who make jam without adding any sugars-sweeteners, so for diabetics. Anyone who has tried it knows what our products are and always comes back, which of course makes us happy and satisfied. Your family Anđelić!

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