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OPG Čabrajec

Cultivation of fruits and vegetables

About us

About us

We have been on the Utrine plot since the opening. We produce about 20 seasonal items per year. 3rd and 4th month: radish, spring onion, dill, arugula, leek, spinach, chard, etc. 4th and 5th month: lettuce crystal, grincajg, ie young carrot, parsley, etc., young cabbage, kale .. .etc 6.i 7i8.mj .: salads, new potatoes, beans, cucumbers, beets, peppers, tomatoes..etc 9,10 and 11 months: crystal salad, oak leaf, endive, young cabbage, kale, leeks, spinach, cucumbers, peppers, young carrots, grits, broccoli, etc.

We offer

  • Melon 10kn / kg
  • Chard 15 kn / kg
  • Broccoli 20kn / kg
  • Beetroot 10kn / kg
  • Kale 10 kn / kg
  • Cucumbers 8kn / kg
  • Young potatoes 6kn / kg
  • Young cabbage 10kn / kg
  • Carrots 6kn / puslek Paprika babura 10kn / kg
  • Eggplant 10kn / kg Leek 20kn / kg
  • Vegetables for Grincajg soup 10 / kn (carrot, parsley, celery, kale leaf) Tomato 10kn / kg
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Salad oak leaf red 20 kn / kg head (15-25dg)
  • Salad lollo rosa 20kn / kg
  • Fresh parsley 25kn / kg
  • Zucchini 10kn / kg
  • Lettuce crystal 15 kn / kg



DELIVERY ZONE – We do not deliver

Possible purchase at the morning market or at our address.

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