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Organic growing of mixed fruits and processing of fruits into pasteurized mother juices and fruit wines

About us

About us

About the family farm Assoc. Dr Stjepan Car in retirement

OPG CAR STJEPAN is a small farm in Vrbovec that deals with the organic cultivation of mixed fruits and the processing of fruits into pasteurized parent juices and fruit wines. Prof. The Emperor spent his entire working life at KONČAR, first as a research and development engineer at the Končar Institute. He obtained the academic title of Doctor of Technical Sciences in Electrical Engineering, was a member of the Management Board of the KONČAR Group for 8 years and President of the Management Board of KONČAR-Institute of Electrical Engineering d.d.

A special hobby that brought him relaxation and pleasure was viticulture and fruit growing. After retiring, the Car family began to take more seriously only fruit growing, but in an economically viable way by expanding the orchard and switching to organic farming and with the co-financing of the Zagreb County built a plant for processing nuts and nuts into natural juices without any supplements and fruit wines from chokeberry and apple, which have distinct health properties. His wife Ljiljana, Stjepan and occasionally 1-2 seasonal workers work on the farm.

They have introduced the HACCP food safety management system in fruit processing, which guarantees the health safety of juices and wines. The products are sold in Zagreb in smaller health food stores, and the obtained label of the City of Zagreb BLUE CEKER for high-quality juices and wines significantly contributes to the visibility of the products of OPG CAR STJEPAN.

Fruit growing is not plantation but classic with drip irrigation, and computer-guided orchard spraying has been built as protection against spring frosts. The total production after six years of cultivation is about 4 tons with a potential of up to 10 tons of different fruits. In order to reduce electricity costs, OPG CAR STJEPAN also has a 7.5 kW photovoltaic power plant and its own irrigation wells.

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“Priroda i društvo”- Biotrgovina, Ozaljska 71, Zagreb-Špeceraj-Trgovina mješovite robe (Grocery store), Svačićev trg 1 i Ilica 65, Zagreb i ZEKO – domaći proizvodi, Baštijanova 22, Zagreb

Awards won: Obtained label PLAVI CEKER for: apple juice, apricot and chokeberry and for chokeberry wine. For other juices and wines, evaluation samples were submitted.

Imperial fruit juices and imperial fruit wines from organic fruit grown on certified own estates and processed in own plants with HACCP certificate on food health safety.
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