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Cultivation and processing of chokeberry

About us

About us

The healing properties of chokeberry were the reason why we opted for this plant. We founded a family farm and planted our small plantation in Banovina in the beautiful village of Donji Klasnić, full of natural sources of drinking water, forests and meadows, away from big cities, noise, and polluted air. Ideal for organic farming.

Products from our range are chokeberry mother juice, tea from dried chokeberry berries, chokeberry jam, chokeberry powder.

Prizes and awards

We received recognition for the most beautiful presentation of products at the 5th Winter and Indigenous Products Fair 2019 in Zagreb. We participate in all fairs, the most famous are BUY CROATIA (KUPUJMO HRVATSKO)(Zagreb, Split), ZIMNICE (Zagreb), HAND MADE (Pula), CHRISTMAS FAIRS (Zagreb, Glina, Pula, Split, Zadar).


We process aronia in Luposokovi and Voćni sokovi d.o.o.


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