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OPG Darko Šipek

Crop, vegetable and pumpkin oil production

About us

About us

OPG Darko Šipek started production in 1997. with the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, and oilseeds. The whole family is involved in the production, we want our products to always have good quality, that the customers are satisfied and that they are coming back to us.

You can visit the Varaždin’s market place no. 237 and 238 each working day
between 7-12 h.

We are exhibiting at fairs such as the Health Food Fair and Alpe-Adria. We can praise with a silver medal (International Alpe-Adria 2018. Oil Show).

We are members of the Varaždin’s oil association.

Croatian Farmer Products


Ulica Florijana Bobića 8,
Nova Ves Petrijanečka 42206
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NUMBER OF Ha: 5,22




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Varaždin county

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"OPG Šipek growing eco vegetables for you."

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