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OPG Diana Prpić

Cultivation of vegetables

About us

About us

My OPG is small, it has only 4 members, but we achieve results as large. Dad, mom, grandma and I have a division of labour and in our “little anthill” everyone knows their task, which we perform every day with a smile on our face. My family has been farming for over 100 years, but we only opened our family farm in 2003. our production is innovative; we are the only ones in Croatia to produce mycorrhizal sweet potato seedlings in large quantities, we produce tons of watermelons in seemingly impossible conditions, we have a drip system to irrigate our strawberries … In production we strive for the healthiest possible product, we also use all ecological means in conventional cultivation, our products can be consumed without washing, directly in the field and we are especially happy about that and we are proud of that.

We have our seasonal workers who are in turn people who love agriculture just as much as we do, because it’s a job you like or don’t like, it’s physically hard, but it’s mentally relaxing. Our motto is a daily healthy product and its quick and easy arrival to consumers. Our goal is to introduce a new culture every year, a new product from these products, to gain as many regular, loyal customers as possible, we want to be widely recognized, to be heard for our efforts and quality. I would recommend customers to contact us for any doubts because agriculture is not just digging in the ground, it is daily education, information and improvement of our knowledge and technologies. With us, they will find a fresh and healthy product that will make the family happy when they gather at the table.

On the Facebook page OPG PRPIĆ is followed by over 4500 people, there you can contact us, contact us, as well as on our mobile number 0914711169, or email: dianap528@gmail.com


In 2016 she was among the top three best young farmers in Croatia, 2017. She was among the top 10 best young farmers and I deserved to go to the 4th European Congress of Young Farmers in Brussels, and this year I was according to a public poll by Jutarnji list was 4th in The country, of Young Farmers and I will once again participate in the 5th European Congress of Young Farmers.

Membership in associations

member of the association EKOP, the association of organic producers of Karlovac County, the Association Život, Lag Vallis Colapis


Winter Fair in Zagreb, Pumpkin Festival in Ivanić Grad and Vrbovsko, Food and Healthy Living Fair

Croatian Eco Product


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"OPG PRPIĆ- healthy, fresh, homemade"
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