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OPG Dolenčić

Production of field and fruit crops

About us

About us

OPG Dolenčić has been producing field and fruit crops since 2001. As the ninth generation of a family living in Voloder, we decided to engage exclusively in agriculture, and today our family of seven lives exclusively from it.

We planted the first apple orchard in 2001 and today we produce apples on 5ha using the most modern technologies of protection and cultivation. This also means that all our orchards are covered with anti-hail nets and have irrigation. Since Moslavina, and especially Voloder, is a well-known wine-growing region, we are expanding our activity to the production of grapes.

So today we cultivate 7ha of vineyards, of which the most represented is the indigenous variety Škrlet, and in addition to it, we also offer Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon. In parallel with fruit production, we are also developing in the field sector. We currently produce corn, wheat, soybeans, and oilseed rape on 138 ha. In addition to material resources, we strive to constantly invest in knowledge and new technologies to make our products of the best possible quality.

How to get our products?

We retail apples on our own farm at Trg sv. Antuna 19, Voloder.


Trg sv. Antuna 19,
Voloder 44318
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