Owner: Dragutin Najman

OPG Dragutin Najman

OPG Najman is involved in grape production and grape processing into wine.

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location of the residence Martinkovec 119,
Varaždinske toplice 42223
Varaždin countySee map
T 042/645-046
M 098/454-465
E vina.najman@gmail.com

2,50 Ha

Cultivated land

About us

About us

OPG Najman is engaged in grape production and grape processing into wine. OPG started operations in 2006 as a continuation of the hobby of wine production for its needs. We are currently cultivating 2.5 ha of vineyards in 3 locations. Varieties grow in vineyards; Pinot Black, Portuguese, Sauvignon, Rhine Riesling, Grasevina, Moslavac and Muscat Yellow.

The wine is processed in a winery with a capacity of 30,000 lit. Located in Martinkovac, near Varaždinske Toplice.
In addition to the blended white wine Toplica spark, Prtugizec and Pinot Black, we also produce bottles of Rhine Riesling, Graševina, Sauvignon, Black Pinot and Rose, and we ventured into the production of sparkling wine obtained from Black Pinot.

The wines grown at Najman Winery are fresh, moderately aromatic and edible, and of high quality and top quality according to the categorization of the Institute of Wine and Viticulture. Our goal in the near future is to increase production and arrange our wine tasting space.


Member of Bregovita Croatia Winemakers Association, Jalžabet Winemakers Association,
association of winemakers of Varaždin Toplice


OPG Najman is engaged in grape production and grape processing into wine.


Contact us: vina.najman@gmail.com




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