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Production of flowers of various kinds

About us

About us

OPG HEREGA DUBRAVKO produces flowers of all kinds for balconies, flower beds, planting outdoors, mostly seasonal flowers, flowers for special days, eg All Saints’ Day (multiflora, chrysanthemums) … for Christmas (Christmas stars, cyclamen).

The owner of the family farm is Dubravko Herega and he works in this business with his wife Mirjana Herega, who is employed on the farm. The family farm has a total of seven employees for an indefinite period of time.

We started producing flowers ourselves in 2005 and slowly employed people and increased production.

It is important for us to grow healthy flowers and that our customers are satisfied with what they bought.

How to get our products?

Customers can visit us and buy our products on the doorstep every working day and at the Trešnjevka market in Zagreb.



We have GLOBAL G.A.P.certificate.

We also sell our products through the agricultural florist cooperative “Varaždinski cvijet” (Varaždin flower), of which we are members.

Fairs: We visit fairs all over our beautiful country, all the way to Dubrovnik

Awards won: At some of these fairs we have won awards for the most beautiful flower

Membership in associations/cooperatives: PCZ Varaždinski cvijet (PCZ Varaždin flower)



We produce and deliver flowers for you - for a more beautiful home!

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