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Organic production of sweet potatoes, butternut squash, beans and buckwheat porridge

About us

About us

OPG HRANJEC MAGDALENA is engaged in the organic production of sweet potatoes, butternut squash, beans and buckwheat porridge. It’s in production the whole family involved as there is a lot of manual labour from the beginning of making their own sweet potato seedlings, through planting to constant manual hoeing.

In order to have satisfactory yields, we need constant care around our seedlings. Since there has always been a tradition in the family of engaging in classic agriculture, we wanted to improve it a bit, so during the crisis of Swiss loans in 2008, we set out to earn some extra money. We decided on a more profitable plant and started from the production of sweet potatoes, but in an ecological way of cultivation, since we ourselves are advocates of such a diet.

We have had an eco certificate since 2009 and we successfully meet all the strict requirements and criteria prescribed by the certification company. In our production, we also use biodynamic principles and we work according to the sowing calendar and we are in the process of obtaining a demeter mark.

We also do processing, so we have Tikvić-slatkić (butternut squash spread) and Batatić-sweet potato spread, with eco-label. Both products are microbiologically tested. We also offer elderberry syrup and nettle syrup. These are flavours that take you back to childhood because they are made according to the recipe as our grandmothers did, and our customers adore them in summer as a refreshment, and in winter to boost immunity.

Contact us

We offer our products on the doorstep and deliver them to your home address so you can contact us by email: nevenka.belak5@gmail.com or mob. 098 992 6023.

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Ecological certification


We cooperate with: brand SPAR Natur*pur, Domaće i fino, Najbolje iz međimurja – short supply chain, Međimurski štacun.

Fairs: Dani ljuka, eco fairs in Croatia

Membership in associations/cooperatives: Duga – biodynamic association, Croatian Ecological Association

HRANJEC MAGDALENA produces sweet potatoes and butternut squash, which everyone adores, because of the method of production (organic farming) with the upgrade of biodynamic preparations which gives a special taste to the products, and there are exquisite Tikvić and Batatić, as a byproduct of our sweet potatoes and pumpkins.
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