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OPG Hukavec

Production of pumpkin, wheat and pumpkin oil

About us

About us

OPG HUKAVEC is a relatively young family farm that has been engaged in various agricultural crops for several years on its own land. Planting oil pumpkins is our main agricultural production, from the seeds of which we process and sell unrefined pumpkin oil, flour, as well as the seeds themselves. We are mostly based on the sale of 100% pumpkin oil, and we also offer classic pumpkin oil (70% pumpkin oil, 30% sunflower oil), pumpkin seed flour, and several types of pumpkin seeds (ordinary unsalted, fried salty and chocolate). We have further expanded our offer with cold-pressed pumpkin oil and pumpkin seed protein powder. Our products are characterized by high quality, which is confirmed by the conducted analyzes of nutritional values ​​of the Institute of Public Health dr. Andrija Štampara. Customers have recognized the effort we put into our products, are extremely satisfied and keep coming back to us. We are increasingly recognized by foreign customers and buy our products as souvenirs. We place our products on the Croatian market through organized fairs throughout Croatia, and our novelty is the distribution of products in certain health food stores and souvenir shops. Our main goal is to expand beyond the borders of our country in a few years, which we are working on intensively by investing in our quality and purchasing the necessary machinery.

Additional info

Exhibitions: Alpe-Adria International  Pumpkin Seed oil Exhibition

Fairs: Fair of winter and autochthonous products, Days of food of traditional products, Bučijada, Prigorski dani

Awards won: gold medal for the above exhibitions

Membership in associations: Association of pumpkin oil producers Ivanić Grad

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For additional information contact us at 0911833331 (Renata) or visit our Facebook page OPG Hukavec: Bučino ulje

City of Zagreb

Ulica Ivana Granđe 65,
Šašinovec 10360
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Owner: Martina Hukavec
MIPBG: : 213065
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