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OPG Hunjadi Dean

Biodynamic and ecological production

About us

About us

OPG Hunjadi Dean is a family farm engaged in biodynamic and organic production. What does that mean? Harmony with nature, natural cultivation of plants without the use of pesticides (harmful chemicals) and respect for cosmic rhythms (reliance on the sowing calendar of Marie Thun) or biodynamic rhythm of plants.

We are located in the north of Croatia, in the Međimurje village of Sveta Marija, located in the eastern, lowland part of the beautiful Međimurje County. We have several fields with various types of seedlings of apples, walnuts, buckwheat, millet, spelt, corn and wheat. In our orchards, we make hotels for insects and plant flowering plants that attract pollinators and other beneficial insects.

Our team

Natalija Peter-Hunjadi, B.Sc. in agronomy

She works in the Advisory Service as an advisor for ecological and bio-dynamic agricultural production. She regularly gives lectures throughout Croatia and specializes in this field at training in Slovenia. On her family farm, she grows fruits, vegetables and cereals in a biodynamic and ecological way, and she is also engaged in beekeeping. She graduated from the Agricultural High School and the Faculty of Agriculture.

Dean Hunjadi, Field Engineer

He runs the Hunjadi family farm with Natalija. He works at the Bc Institute, a seed company with its own breeding programs of the most important field crops (corn, wheat, barley, soybeans). His hobbies are hiking and playing. He graduated from the Agricultural High School and the College of Economics in Križevci.

The Hunjadi couple passes on their love of nature to their children Dora (10 years old) and Jana (15 years old), who help on the family farm.

About biodynamic production

Biodynamic agriculture is a special form of organic agriculture developed by the famous Austrian philosopher, scientist and writer Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century. Interestingly, Rudolf Steiner was born in the Croatian settlement of Donji Kraljevec in Međimurje, in the then Austrian Empire. His basic theory was the existence of life force in agricultural crops and land. These forces are reduced and lost by the application of pesticides and fertilizers and are encouraged by such cultivation of plants and animals that follow established natural flows.

This type of agriculture includes reliance on the lunar sowing calendar, as well as the use of specifically made means on a natural basis, which affect the accelerated improvement of soil fertility as well as increased microbiological activity. Also, natural fertilizers and composts are used in cultivation, to which certain natural preparations are added that improve their action. Thus, plants grown on such land become stronger and more resistant to diseases, pests, as well as to adverse climatic conditions.

Thanks to its positive effects, biodynamic production has spread all over the world, and in Croatia, it is still in its infancy. The owner of OPG Hunjadi, Natalija Peter Hunjadi, is one of the main advisors for biodynamic production in the Croatian Advisory Service, which transfers positive experiences from neighbouring Slovenia and other countries and educates our farmers about this type of production.

Return of cattle to pastures, milk without chemicals and hormones, manure that contains everything the country needs to grow healthy crops…

In this harmony with nature, with the knowledge of the dynamic properties of each plant individually, the harmony we have long ago disturbed is achieved.

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