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OPG Kostanjevac Mladen

Cultivation and selling of quality purple Jerusalem artichoke

About us

About us

OPG Kostanjevac Mladen has been growing and selling quality Jerusalem artichoke (sunchoke) since 2007, taking into account that the production is carried out according to organic principles without the use of any chemical agents, and it is fertilized exclusively with organic manure.

In production, I strive to keep the product healthy and always fresh for customers, and I try to explain to customers how to use this healthy and functional food, and with a minimum purchase of 5 kg I give a free and mini brochure with the most important facts about Jerusalem artichoke and 17 recipes.

Jerusalem artichoke is a North American plant cultivated by the Indians, and it contains many useful minerals * such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamins B, C, etc.

Contact us

Contact us at mkos77@gmail.com or 091 521 1830 or 042 331 975.


Sales are also possible on the doorstep, but a prior telephone agreement is required.


Ulica Ivana Zajca 13,
Varaždin 42000
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NUMBER OF Ha: 0,50




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