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OPG Kuzmić

Cultivation and processing of jostaberry and chokeberry

About us

About us

#Iliketobehealthy is the motif of our family farm. It is located in Petrijevci near the river Drava. It covers an area of ​​17,500 m2, of which 600 are jostaberry bushes and 2150 are chokeberry bushes. All seedlings are from organic farming and are not treated with chemicals.

The harvest of jostaberry is in July, and the chokeberries in August. Picking is done manually with the family. After harvest, we process everything from 100% natural juice, syrup, jam and vinegar. The owner of the family farm is Renato Kuzmić.

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We offer

  • Aronia 100% juice
  • Aronia vinegar
  • Aronia jam
  • Aronia syrup
  • Jostaberry 100% juice
  • Jostaberry vinegar
  • Jostaberry jam
  • Jostaberry syrup
  • Fresh chokeberry
  • Fresh jostaberry




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