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Production of noodles from dried pumpkin, flour, and cold-pressed oil

About us

About us

OPG LOVRO LENAC started farming in 2013. We immediately entered the system of organic producers. Our main product is “dried pumpkin noodles”, and in addition, we produce various types of flour (chestnut, buckwheat, spelled, rye), cold-pressed pumpkin, and sunflower oil, black beans, etc. We expand the product range every year.

We are currently cultivating 12.5 hectares of land, all in organic production. The holder of the family farm is Lovro Lenac and together with his wife Svjetlana he runs and expands the family farm. Children and parents are currently helping us at the family farm.

For us, working on a family farm is not a job but a way of life. We started our adventure without any knowledge and resources, we had no land or mechanization, in just a few years we developed our own brand and introduced an almost unknown product to the market.

We are currently in the phase of arranging a tasting room with a small shop and presentation hall, as well as a new space for processing our products where the entire business would be in one place.

Also, we plan to include more local family farms in our production as subcontractors, which would be a great contribution to the local community.

Our goal is to combine production, processing and tourist services, in order to offer our customers added value and evoke a complete experience of our way of life and show the advantages of our region.

Contact us

You can buy our products via our website www.opg-lenac.hr or contact us at: Mail: opglovrolenac@gmail.com; Tel +3855127643.

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We work with small health food stores in Zagreb, Split, and Rijeka.

Discover the new food "dried pumpkin noodles" vegetables that you can prepare in 100 ways.

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