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Traditional production of kulen

About us

About us

At the Matijević Family Farm, we have been producing traditional domestic Slavonian kulen for many years. Our kulen achieves its top quality thanks to a combination of a long-standing family recipe, careful selection of the highest quality ingredients and commitment to high standards of the production process.

A completely natural product

Kulen of the Matijević family is a completely natural product from selected meat of domestic pigs, domestic peppers and other natural spices, and does not contain preservatives or additives.

Traditional recipe

The traditional family recipe for the production of our homemade kulen has been carefully perfected for decades, resulting in a product that is recognized as a top gourmet delight. Although the recipe for the production of kulen is no secret, the ideal ratio of spices gives this kulen its uniqueness.

The highest quality ingredients

We get top-quality kulen by carefully selecting the highest quality pieces of pork that come from domestic yearbooks obtained by crossing breeds in order to maximally contribute to the quality of the kulen itself. The meat itself is carefully processed and separated from the tendons, adipose and connective tissue, and is mixed with homemade spices. The key spice in the production of kulen is home-made Baranja red pepper, which is recognized in gourmet circles throughout Croatia for its quality and gives our kulen a recognizable spicy taste and characteristic red colour.

Family production

We produce kulen in a facility located on our own family farm, and it is registered in the register of facilities for the production of traditionally cured meat products at the Ministry of Agriculture. The facility is arranged and equipped in accordance with the strict requirements of the Veterinary Administration at the Ministry of Agriculture. Special attention is paid to high hygienic standards from the processing in the slaughterhouse, through the transport and entry of raw materials into our production plant, to the final processing of meat and production of kulen.

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Ulica Košut Lajoša 10,
Suza 31309
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Owner: Hrvoje Matijević
MIPBG: : 185716
+385 91 157 4768 - Hrvoje Matijević - vlasnik
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