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OPG Pavao Ridjanec

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About us

About us

OPG Pavao and Ružica Ridjanec have been selling their products at the Kvatrić market for many years

We offer:

Corn 4 kunas/kg

Corn grits 10 kunas/kg

Corn white flour 10 kunas/kg

Corn yellow flour 8 kunas/kg

Wheat grits 7 kunas/kg

Wheat flour smooth 6 kunas/kg

Wheat bread flour 5 kunas/kg

Wheat flour sharp 6 kunas/kg

Whole wheat flour 6 kunas/kg

Rye flour 10 kunas/kg

Oatmeal 20 kunas/kg

Bran 5 kn/kg

Wheat 4 kunas/kg



Bapča 31/1,
Velika Gorica 10410
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Owner: Pavao Ridjanec
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