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Beekeeping and fruit growing

About us

About us

OPG Slavica Dumendžić is engaged in beekeeping and fruit growing. We have 96 beehives from which we keep honey, propolis, and pollen. We grow plums, apples, quinces, and apricots on two hectares of orchards.

We treat the entire plantation only in the winter with copper, we use the obtained fruit exclusively for processing into homemade jams.

We make jams in the traditional way with small amounts of sugar and preservatives.

I must emphasize that from this year we also make plum and apple/cinnamon jam without sugar.

The quantities we have are five to six thousand jars of jam and three tons of honey.


Every year we take the jams for analysis to the Public Health Institute OBŽ.

We do not work with shopping malls.

Exhibitions: All our products are exhibited in the cooperative Vrhunskovukovarsko and Agro cluster

Fairs: All fairs in Vukovar

Awards won: All medals won for honey and jam are exhibited in the sales area of ​​the family farm

Membership in associations/cooperatives: U.P. VUKOVAR 91 cooperative VrhunskoVukovarsko




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Homemade jams are made in the traditional way according to Grandma Ana's recipe!

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