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OPG Slunjski

Production of hazelnuts and cultivation of mixed varieties of fruit trees and vines

About us

About us

OPG Slunjski, owned by Nadica Slunjski, is primarily engaged in the production of hazelnuts, and in addition, we are also engaged to a lesser extent, in the cultivation of mixed varieties of fruit trees and vines.

We started with the production of hazelnuts some 12 years ago with 80 seedlings of Istrian and Roman hazelnut varieties, and by this year the number of seedlings has grown to over 1000. We are also engaged in small-scale, and for our own needs farming.

Along with the owner, Nadica Slunjski, the husband, daughters, son, and sons-in-law actively participate in the work of the family farm at the Slunjski family farm. Hazelnut production is based on manual work and mechanical tillage. Hazelnuts are harvested by hand, then the hazelnuts are dried in the sun and air and then cleaned by hand.

A satisfied customer, as well as a customer who returns for our product, is the biggest indicator that our work and effort are recognized, and we will maintain it with our daily work.

Contact us

Nadica Slunjski, Varaždinska ulica 13, 42242 Radovan, Hrvatska

  • phone: +385 99 687 5227
  • e-mail: nadicaslunjski@gmail.com


Varaždinska ulica 13,
Radovan 42242
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NUMBER OF Ha: 4,68




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OPG Slunjski "domestic products of top quality".

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