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OPG Sremić Valentino

Aronia cultivation, fruit processing and garlic production

About us

About us

OPG Sremić is engaged in plantation cultivation of chokeberry and fruit processing, and we are also engaged in the production of garlic.


We offer

  • ARONIA – FRUIT – 15,00 kn (Orders are accepted for this year’s chokeberry berries, the harvest is planned for mid-August. Chokeberry is grown in organic farming.)

  • Garlic 35,00 kn (Pre-orders for this year’s garlic are accepted, larger quantities. Garlic will be ready for delivery around 1.7. For larger quantities, price correction is possible. For all other information, call +385 95 858 3834)


Along with the products you could meet on our small farm, there was also garlic. A few years ago, garlic was the idea of ​​the youngest members, and as our eternal motto is “When small hands come together, anything is possible”, we decided to get our hands dirty. Working on the land is not foreign to us, so with the help of family and friends who were a great support, we replanted garlic in the fall. As most know garlic is a highly prized product because of its superior culinary and medicinal properties. Garlic has been the subject of a great deal of research that has revealed many benefits when consumed. Research has shown that regular consumption of garlic has a beneficial effect on the fight against a large number of viral and bacterial diseases, respiratory diseases, indigestion, helps regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. nas We took care of garlic throughout the year. We carried out regular agro-technical measures and watered it with love and anticipation. After a long period of waiting, it was time to harvest, the little hands came together again and we all managed to reap the fruits of our efforts and work with which we are very satisfied. If you are tired of buying garlic in retail chains that you do not know where it is from and whose hands picked it and it “should” be on your plate – contact us with full confidence. You will see young people, not so smooth hands and a great desire to work. Homemade garlic as a dietary supplement, body support or as a seed can be found at our home or at the place of agreement. We are here for you, and you contact us with full confidence! Take your health bag. See you!

City of Zagreb

Lanište 1c,
Zagreb 10000
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Owner: Valentino Sremić




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