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OPG Tatjana Lovrić Jovanović

Processing of goat's milk into goat's cheese

About us

About us

I am the owner of the Kozarstvo family farm, we process goat’s milk in goat cheese, we offer various types of cheese; young goat cheese, semi-hard goat cheese, smoked goat cheese, cheeses with flavours eg orange – lemon, chives, dill, hot peppers.

We also offer hard cheeses, EXTRA hard cheeses called ribanac which can be served with various dishes, and one A special flavouring cheese is goat cheese greaves packaged in a very unique way and is served as a snack. All our products are special and made with love.

We founded a family farm five years ago for the purpose of organic goat breeding and cheese production.

From health to work

The idea to do goat farming came to us because of the health of the children because we are wanted to afford healthy food for the children, and it turned out to be really good, a at the same time we were convinced that goat’s milk is really healthy. We started from one goat as amateurs and after two years we created one herd where it is a family farm was created, and since then we have been expanding the herd exclusively from our own breeding.

Currently, we have 60 weaned goats, of which we leave the offspring of the herd. IN Komletincima, where I live, currently, only I have a family farm with goats, and in Vukovar-Srijem County has 50 family farms that deal with goat breeding. It’s me the only woman, the holder of a family farm in goat breeding. I started goat milk cheese to work five years ago when I expanded the herd and when the first one appeared quantity sufficient for processing into cheese. Today we have different types of cheese, semi-hard smoked, young, with various flavours, such as cheese with chives, nettles, garlic, paprika, ham, kulen, walnuts and orange and lemon.

We also produce marinated cheeses in oil, with pumpkin, olive, sunflower and walnut oil and a few more combinations – lists the only ones a female goatherd in eastern Slavonia adding that she does all the work herself with wife and that food-producing countries do not already have hay collected by old and abandoned plums and buy other necessary food.

In addition to goats, they raise Croatian hens and laying hens on the farm, which are in the open breeding, and the care of pigs and sows is taken care of by the husband, who has been in it for a long time experience.

Contact us

Contact us at tel. : 097 624 3044 or visit us at https://opg-lovric-jovanovic-tatjana.webnode.hr/ or on (Facebook) OPG Tatjana Lovrić Jovanović.


Fairs: Approximately: ECO fair Čazma, Autumn fair Osijek, olive and wine fair Vodnjan. Etc.

Awards won: Regular customers (regular customers).

Membership in associations/cooperatives: sheep and goats, association “Klaster”, Vinkovci.


Meet goat products! Goat's milk is considered one of the healthiest foods, it contains vitamins; B1, B2, B6 and B12. Which are important for strengthening the nervous system, and are rich in minerals (Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc and Selenium). Which play an important role in bone strength and maintaining immunity.

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