Owner: Nataša Veić

OPG Veić Nataša

Fruit and vegetables growing

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location of the residence Vulišinec 14,
Lepoglava 42225
Varaždin countySee map

3,50 Ha

Cultivated land

About us

About us

OPG Veić is primarily involved in the cultivation of Siberian blueberry  and squash. Blueberries are ecological growing and require a lot of physical work. We strive to expand production (we want to plant 100 seedlings of Mongolian blueberries). Our goal is to produce first-class berries.

We plan to cooperate with the BIO VEGA chain.



Contact us

Call us:

+385 98 605 845

or email: veicnatasa@gmail.com

You can visit us on our address.


NGO: Agro-turistički klaster Lepoglava


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Varaždin county

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"OPG Veić za vas proizvodi haskap - bobice koje produljuju život."
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