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Sales and processing of fresh fruit

About us

About us

OPG Vinceljak Ankica started operating in 2009. Since 2010, the first planting and intensive investments in the acquisition and arrangement of agricultural land, raising orchards of pears, apples, raspberries and vines and mechanization, plantation equipment, equipment for fresh fruit processing, installation of irrigation systems and construction of reservoirs, installation of anti-hail fittings, distillery and storage space.

So far, a total of 5 ha of new plantations have been erected – 6,800 pear trees, 500 apple trees, 2,000 raspberries and 550 vine vines of the indigenous Krapina white variety. Part of the plantation is in full fruition, and part is coming into fruition.

OPG Vinceljak Ankica sells fresh fruits for consumption: pears, apples and raspberries.

An important part of the product offered throughout the year lies in the ability to process fresh fruit. The production of finished products by processing fresh fruit offers the customer a wide range of products: extra jams, pear and apple vinegar and brandy viljamovka.

The holder of the family farm is Ankica Vinceljak, and the employee in the family farm is his son Vanja Vinceljak, otherwise a professional bachelor of civil engineering. With additional training for fruit growers and producers of brandies and other aromatized drinks, he passed the professional exams and received diplomas for these professions. Through daily monitoring of professional literature, consultations with advisors, agronomists and professors from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb during these twelve years we have gained vast experience in conducting all work in the orchard: preparing the ground for planting, planting seedlings, pruning, protection and harvesting.

OPG Vinceljak Ankica wanted to expand its business by investing in fruit processing and thus increase the offer of finished products. By investing in raspberries and vines, along with pears and apples, OPG Vinceljak Ankica saw the possibility of progress and penetration into the market through the expansion of its product range.

In order for OPG Vinceljak Ankica to survive on the market of agricultural products, it is necessary to meet market needs on a daily basis. By increasing the offer of agricultural products, with an emphasis on indigenous agricultural varieties and various forms of fresh fruit processing of the family farm Vinceljak Ankica, the end of other family farms stands out. The interest and curiosity of customers for our homeland and the desire to try something new is awakening, and at the same time, a unique product is approaching them.

OPG Vinceljak also plans to build a tasting room, which aims to enable the better promotion of its own agricultural products, bringing and introducing customers to agricultural production and indigenous varieties, and thus achieve greater sales and competitiveness in business.

By investing in the planting of pears, apples, raspberries, autochthonous varieties of Hrvatsko zagorje – Starohrvatske beline OPG Vinceljak Ankica wants to stand out among other bidders, while contributing to the development of agricultural production in Krapina-Zagorje County.

How to get our products?

We sell on the doorstep.


Fairs: 100% Zagorsko in Zagreb, 100% Zagorsko in Rijeka, Buy Croatian (Kupujmo hrvatsko), Winter Fair

Awards won: Gold award for William brandy, gold award for extra pear jam, silver award for pear vinegar

Membership in associations/cooperatives: Association of fruit growers Zagorski bregi

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