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location of the residence Luka Ludbreška 30,
Sveti Đurđ 42233
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65 Ha

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About us

About us:

OPG Željko Šilc is a small farm located in the north of Podravina. The primary activity of our economy is the breeding of fattening bulls with a tradition of business for over 50 years. The need to get fodder for the beef diet led us to the beginning of rapeseed cultivation, and in 2012 we started sowing rapeseed on our own agricultural land. In the beginning, rapeseed processing gave us rapeseed meal and biodiesel, which we used for our own mechanization. However, the many benefits of edible oil have prompted us to engage in our own production and marketing of oils. We are guided by the mission to make our community aware of all the benefits of daily oil consumption, and we want reputable restaurants as well as households to replace unhealthy edible oils and fats with healthy cold-pressed 100% rapeseed oil.

The process of making rapeseed oil

Cold-pressed 100% rapeseed oil is obtained from rapeseed, an annual plant whose bright yellow flowers turn the landscape into pure poetry in the summer. More than 4,000 years ago, rapeseed was created by crossing rapeseed and cabbage and is considered a natural hybrid.
The rapeseed is a 12-cm-long pods containing about 20 round, dark, oil-rich seeds. Oilseed rape has multiple value and uses, but we use it to produce edible oil and biodiesel. Oil shot, a by-product of the press of the fruit, is used in the diet on our own beef farm.
100% rapeseed oil is obtained by the cold pressing process of rapeseed. We do not use heat in the fruit pressing process, and we do not use conventional filtration or centrifugation, as well as harmful solvents, when cleaning the oil. Thanks to this, our rapeseed oil retains all the natural ingredients of rapeseed, which is why our oil has a specific taste, aroma and golden color. This way, we get smaller amounts of oil, but oil that contains all the nutritionally important substances.


"It's time to change your oil consumption habits"
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