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OPG Zlatko Fištrović

Cultivation of fruit

About us

About us

I grow fruit. Mostly peaches, ie vineyard peaches TREATED ONLY WITH ENVIRONMENTAL MEANS. Area = 2.5 hectares. I also own an apple orchard in a slightly smaller quantity and a vineyard. I have been growing fruit for the past 40 years. Wholesale peaches and retail apples.


Possibility of delivery: YES

Prizes and awards

Fruit days in KKŽ and ZGŽ. Prizes for: fruit (peach and apple) + prizes for fruit wines, both silver and bronze, and a few golds for spirits (Viljamovka brandy), and also a silver prize for apple brandy. Winner of numerous thanks and commendations.


Sekili br. 66,
Kozarevac 48362
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NUMBER OF Ha: 2,50




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