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OPG Komadina Antonio


About us

About us

We started our story with just three hives in 2013. We have grown over time, so we currently number seventy-five bee societies, and we continue to grow.

Our main product is top quality home-made honey of four types, Sage Honey, Seaside Heather, Multifloral Floral, Honey (Forest Honey) and Medlar.

Our apiaries are located in the hinterland of Vinodol, surrounded by sage, heather, pastures, and the untouched nature of the coastal region.

The will of our OPG Komadina is to talk to customers and to try to bring smiles to their faces. In our OPG, a smiling customer is a loyal customer. We are sure that cordial service has a positive effect on the perception of the product, price and image of our honey products.

The goal of the Komadin farm is to expand the bee fund, in the next period additional modernization of production and processing. Construction of unique tasting honey in the area of ​​Primorje-Gorski Kotar County with apitherapy to round out the whole story of our OPG from bee, hive, honey, finished product in unique packaging, presentation in tasting room and relaxation with apitherapy.


The mission of our OPG Komadin is to preserve the bee stock, because without the bee on Earth there would be no life and with honey production we also contribute to healthy nutrition through honey and honey products.


All our beekeeping works involve our entire family, which means that every product is woven with an abundance of love, laughter and togetherness.


Prizes won

OPG Komadina Antonio, with its products, has won many awards in our country. So at the 11th grading of the Honey Zlatni Ulishti held in Opatija in 2017, we received two golds and one silver.

– Honey Sage; gold medal

– Medljikovac; gold medal

– Primorski Vrijesak; silver medal

We participated in the 2nd Croatian Quality Assessment of Sage Honey “Salvia Aurea”, where we won second place out of 65 samples from Croatia and neighboring countries, which we are extremely proud of.








Participation in associations and projects

OPG Komadina Antonio, participates in the project of the Croatian Agricultural Agency and the Ministry of Agriculture in promoting domestic products, and since we are the only ones from the area of ​​Primorje-Gorski Kotar County with a certificate of honey quartz and the mark “Honey of Croatian apiaries”, we present our product in cooperation with HPA in events throughout our countries;

– Croatian Farm Breakfast

– Our hme now and future

We are participating in the project “buy Croatian” at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Rijeka County Chamber.

Our products are also on display in the county offices of Primorsko goranska County, – Primorska kašica

We also manufacture other bee products such as propolis, honey in honeycomb and delicious gingerbread.

Fairs; Breakfast from Croatian Farms, Our Home Now and in the Future, Let’s Buy Croatia, Gingerbread from Opatija, Salvia Aurea, Coastal Casket – Center for Indigenous Products, Okolotorno / Novi Vinodolski


We are members of the Beekeeping Association of the City of Novi Vinodolski and LAG Vinodol

Cooperation with the City of Crikvenica in the project Interreg Italy-Croatia I-Archeo.S

Honey of Croatian apiaries
Best honey lov+cated on the mountains of the Vinodol hinterland!

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